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For more than 30 years since their release, FORBLUE sunsep™ membrane air dryers have been used in a variety of applications requiring the drying or dehumidification of air or gas.

For compressed air dehumidification: SWB / C / F series

Small, lightweight sunsep™ units can be mounted anywhere on compressed air lines, in any position. The appropriate model can be selected from a broad range of products according to the user's processing and space requirements.

  • AGC FORBLUE sunsep Demonstration of gas dehumidification


  • Dehumidification of compressed air for industrial use
  • Pneumatic equipment protection from water troubles
  • Generation of a dry atmosphere

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For sample gas dehumidification : SWG series

sunsep™ quickly absorbs and permeates only airborne moisture and releases it outside the membrane. For this reason it can dehumidify sample gas without affecting the balance of its components. sunsep™ hollow fiber membranes are made from fluorinated ion-exchange resins, and can therefore be used to dehumidify corrosive gases.


  • Dehumidification of flue gas, atmosphere, and other gas for environmental analysis
  • Dehumidification of human breath and other sample gases for various research purposes
  • Sample gas dehumidification for sulfur analyzers, chromatographs, etc.

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SWT Series: for the dehumidification of very low flow-rate gases

Even a single sunsep hollow fiber membrane functions effectively as a dryer. The unique SWT series dryers consist of a single braid-reinforced hollow fiber membrane. With this product, it is possible to dehumidify/condition gases at flow rates under 100ml/min.


  • Dehumidification/conditioning of very low flow-rate gases (10~500 ml/min (ANR)).

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