AGC Engineering Co., Ltd.


Vision and GMS Policy


We provide potential customers worldwide with technologies for reducing their environmental burden with optimal, unrivaled membranes and material-processing technologies, helping to create a sustainable earth and society.

GMS policy for FY 2021

By using our generic management system (GMS), we improve and strengthen our internal controls, and comply securely with relevant laws and applicable requirements.
With our eco-friendly technologies, we help create a sustainable earth and society.
To that end, we manage our enterprises through the following five policies:

Safety and hygiene

We put top priority on safe services and products and on the safety and hygiene of all people involved in our corporate activities.


While working to make effective and efficient use of limited resources, we help create a sustainable earth and society by providing and promoting services and products using our eco-friendly technologies.


We constantly focus on the customer and continuously improve our work to enhance the quality of our services and products.

Information security

We manage all information assets fairly and appropriately and protect them against various threats.

Security and disaster prevention

By training our personnel in using the BCP, we improve their abilities to respond to unexpected incidents.

Satoshi Sumita
CEO and President