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Humidification, etc.

Humidification applications

With the moisture transmission technologies made possible by FORBLUE sunsep™ hollow fiber membranes, we can offer exceptionally clean and ecologically friendly membrane-based humidification.

Advantages of FORBLUE™ sunsep™ humidification modules

  • 1. Enables humidification without direct contact with water
    Our proprietary nonporous membrane, which allows water vapor to quickly permeate and pass through the membrane, allows for clean humidification, with no contact between the product gas and the humidity source. This would not be possible using conventional methods such as bubbling or misting, etc.
  • 2. Humidification possible without water
    The membranes used in the sunsep™ series absorb moisture that is present around the membrane and move it to the dry gas side. If you need to humidify dry air (gas) until it reaches the humidity of the ambient atmosphere, you can use these units without even having to provide water. It is therefore very simple and ecological.
  • 3. Can be used over a wide range of flow rates.
    sunsep series membranes are tubes with an outer diameter of 1mm. The tubes are incorporated into modules, making it possible to humidify flows as low as about 10L/min, and as high as 800L/min or more.


  • Humidification of supplemental oxygen (oxygen therapy)
  • Humidification or conditioning of various industrial and medical gases.

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Click here for humidification of micro flow rate gases (at less than 1 L/min).

  • AGC FORBLUE sunsep Demonstration of gas humidification