AGC Engineering Co., Ltd.


Business Details

Business overview

We combine technologies for developing and manufacturing ion-exchange membranes and other precision products, thereby meeting the emerging needs and demands of society.

  • sunsepTM, a membrane-type air dryer (hollow fiber membrane)
  • SELEMIONTM, an ion-exchange membrane process

Authorization management system

Generic management system (GMS)

  • Certification under ISO 9001 DNV
  • Certification under ISO 14001 DNV

Licenses and registrations

Construction license granted by the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister

Special license for civil engineering, license for scaffolding and other work at heights and civil engineering works, license for piping and steel structures, license for pavement, license for painting, license for installing machinery and equipment, license for waterworks

General sales of toxic and deleterious substances

Registered with the Chiba City authorities