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Experimental apparatus

Experiment-purpose electrodialyzers and diffusion dialyzers

These lab-scale electrodialyzers and diffusion dialysers can be used for testing to generate data that will be useful for scaling up to a full-size system.


These units are ideal for refining chitosan, taurine, carnitine, chitin, citric acid, glycerin, keratin, silk protein, ornithine, xylol, aspartame, anthocyanin, and other substances. These systems include a lab-scale electrodialyzers with a tank and pump rectifier. When fitted with an ion-exchange membrane, they make it easy to begin experimenting with electrodialysis. Two different models, DW-Lab and CH-0, are available.

Equipment specifications

Type CH-0 unit DW-Lab
Membrane size mm 160×280 80×130
Effective membrane area m2/piece 0.021 0.003
Membrane sheets Pairs 10 5
Anode plate Ir coated Ti Plate Ir coated Ti Plate
Cathode plate SUS316 SUS316
ED unit size mm 650(W)×500(D)×1300(H) 300(W)×200(D)×400(H)
ED unit weight kg 50 6.0
Rectifier output DC 35V / 10A DC 18V / 2A
Rectifier input power 100 [V] AC, single phase, 50/60[Hz] 100 [V] AC, single phase, 50/60[Hz]
Rectifier size mm 235(W)×425(D)×160(H) 107(W)×305(D)×134(H)
Rectifier weight kg 17 5.0
Attached tank capacity L 3.0 0.40
Pump Magnetic drive pump Magnetic drive pump
Pump input power 100 [V] AC, single phase, 50/60[Hz] 100 [V] AC, single phase, 50/60[Hz]
Standard flow meter L/h 60 ~ 600 Not attached

*The electrodialyzer can be sold without unit accessories upon request.
*We can also discuss modifying systems for special purposes(acid recovery, etc.).

Diffusion dialyzers

T-0 are smaller diffusion dialyzers that can be used for experiments using AGC's diffusion dialysis process.

Equipment specifications

Type T-0 diffusion dialyzer
Membrane size mm 160 × 240
Effective membrane area m2/piece 0.017
Membrane sheets Sheets 19
Processing capacity L/h 0.17 ~ 0.68

*The T-0 diffusion dialyzer is sold without accessories, but accessories are available on request.

Typical process flowchart of diffusion dialysis test