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sunsepTM Example of Typical Usage 【Humidifier】

メンブレン式ドライヤー サンセップ(sunsep)

Basic Flow 【Humidifier】

Hollow Fiber Membrane Type Humidifier.

This humidifier consists of plastic casing and FLEMION tube that allows transfer of water vapor.
Humidifier can be operated in the condition of Gas to Gas or Water to Gas.
When water is supplied to the outside FLEMION tube, Dry gas is to the inside. The water molecules in the outside FLEMION tube are transferred through the membrane to the dry gas side by the difference in partial pressure of water vapor between inside and outside of Flemion tube.

Using Examples

Fuel Cell Car Race (2006 Eco-Car Grand Prix)
Humidifier for Hydrogen gas

Produced by MITUBA “Tesla 800”

Fuel Cell Car Race (2006 Eco-Car Grand Prix)
Humidifier for Hydrogen gas

Produced by TOUKAI UNIVERSITY “Faraday Magic”

Installation to Fuel Cell System in Faraday Magic(Reference Literature)

Example of Trial Production in Humidifier

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Instructions for Use

  • To remove drainage, dust , etc. , we recommend that a filter (filtering capacity of less than 5µm) be installed at the inlet line of supply gas. Dehumidifying efficiency may decrease if drainage is mixed into the inlet line. We therefore recommend that an automatic drain system be installed at the supply gas inlet.
  • When a sunsepTM unit is used for the line from a lubricating type compressor, we recommend that an automatic oil mist separator be installed at the inlet line of supply gas. The oil mist-separator must have an oil filterability capability of less than 0.3µm ( 95% collection capability of dust diameter ) and should also have an oil-mist concentration of less than 1 mgf/Nm3.
  • Supply gas should be clean and free of dust, corrosive gas, organic solvent, and chemicals.
  • Excessive pressure should not be applied to the purging gas inlet and outlet.(max. 7.1psig)
  • For operation with a small amount of purging gas, not more than 0.35 scfm. we recommend that a small orifice be used instead of a needle valve.
  • When installing a pressure reducing valve, we recommend that the valve be installed at the outlet line of dry gas, which will increase dehumidifying efficiency.