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sunsepTM Principle of water vapor permeation

メンブレン式ドライヤー サンセップ(sunsep)



FlemionTM is a fluorine-containing, ion-exchange membrane which has a high affinity for water molecules. When the difference in moisture concentration between the inside and outside of the hollow fiber membrane arise, sunsepTM will act to make the concentration uniform, continuously transferring moisture through the membrane in the direction of the lower moisture concentration.

In the drying mode, a wet gas passes through the inside of the tube bundle. A dry sweep gas is passed countercurrent to the sample flow. This creates a partial vapor differential or moisture a gradient between the walls or the tubing. The water molecules will traverse through the tubing wall along the gradient.


High Water Vapor Selectivity

The polymer material that is used for the sunsepTM Dryer has high selectivity and high permeability of water vapor (water molecules), so other gases don't almost permeate.
The polymer is highly hydrophilic, meaning that it has chemical affinity to bond with water molecules. The transfer mechanism of water molecules is not microfiltration or nanofiltration, there is no discrimination of molecules based on pore size of structure. It is not an adsorption type system, where by the water molecules collect with the membrane and saturate it.


Power Source

  • Does not need to wire.
  • To explosion proof area.

No drain generation

  • purge gas emitted as water vapor.

Maintenance Free

  • No mechanical elements to wear out and replace.

Eco Friendly

  • No desiccant ,CFC Gas,or refrigerants.
  • Desiccant dust free.

Small and Light

  • No installation limitations
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Instructions for Use

  • To remove drainage, dust , etc. , we recommend that a filter (filtering capacity of less than 5µm) be installed at the inlet line of supply gas. Dehumidifying efficiency may decrease if drainage is mixed into the inlet line. We therefore recommend that an automatic drain system be installed at the supply gas inlet.
  • When a sunsepTM unit is used for the line from a lubricating type compressor, we recommend that an automatic oil mist separator be installed at the inlet line of supply gas. The oil mist-separator must have an oil filterability capability of less than 0.3µm ( 95% collection capability of dust diameter ) and should also have an oil-mist concentration of less than 1 mgf/Nm3.
  • Supply gas should be clean and free of dust, corrosive gas, organic solvent, and chemicals.
  • Excessive pressure should not be applied to the purging gas inlet and outlet.(max. 7.1psig)
  • For operation with a small amount of purging gas, not more than 0.35 scfm. we recommend that a small orifice be used instead of a needle valve.
  • When installing a pressure reducing valve, we recommend that the valve be installed at the outlet line of dry gas, which will increase dehumidifying efficiency.